Filament Yarn TFO

Filament TFO Twister Is For The Most Economic Production Of High-Twist Filament Yarn Packages For Use In Clothing & Garment Fabrics To Give An Ultra Soft Feel.

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Filament TFO Twister is for the most economic production of High-Twist Filament yarn packages for use in clothing & garment fabrics to give an ultra soft feel. For high-twist yarns, heat setting of final package is critical for use in downward processes of weaving or knitting. Depending on user preferences.

Roll (Flange) Take-Up

Die-Cast Aluminium Rolls offer a sturdy & reliable the final package of high-twist yarns for wet/dry heat setting process with options for holding up to 1 Kg of filament yarn.

Plasma Coated Spindles

State of the Art in-house spindle manufacturing line allows us to offer wide the range of spindles as per the customers requirements for processing the range of feed packages.

Bi-Conical Take-Up (Optional)

For medium twist (<1400 TPM) yarn packages, after Dry/Vacuum heat-setting, such take-up gives aready-tomarket package of up to 1.2Kgs of knotless filament yarn.

Oil-Bath Gearbox

Continuous circulation of lubricant enables higher performance at high speeds & lower maintenance. All adjustable features are conventionally located outside for ease of use.
Filament yarn TFO for all kind of manmade, filament yarn like Suitable for Cotton, Wool, Viscose, Acrylic, Blended Yarns like PV, PC etc.
  • 20-300 denier Filament Yarns Only
  • 250 to 4000 TPM for highest viability
  • Knotless Feed & Take-up upto 1.2 Kgs
  • Aluminium Roll or Paper Tube Take-Up
  • Complete Ceramic Yarn Path for smooth handling of Filament Yarns.
  • Longer Yarn Path for better processing of twists & control of density.
  • De-stressed Metallurgy of Traverse CAM reduces wear-n-tear maintenance.
  • Extremely low power & High economical for processing fine deniers at high-twists.
  • Instantly change between All. Roll & Bi-Conical Takeup with optional Traverse Gear-Box
  • Overfeed ratio centrally adjustable offers precise control of required density.
  • Dynamically Balanced Precision spindles & Nylon Sandwich belt for max. performance
  • Individual Droppers at every position activates during yarn breaks &feed exhaust.
  • Star-Delta Motor Starter with Overload Protection Standard. VF Inverter Drive (optional)
  • Complete Oil Bath Gearbox for lifetime trouble free operation with the lowest maintenance.
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