Servo COPS Winder

Highly Sophisticated Servo Controlled COPS Winder Provides Premium Quality Winding With Its Servomotor Driven PLC System. The Winding Machine Delivers Uniform Yarn Speed Without Change In Tension To Ensure High-Quality Winding.

Servo Cops Winder
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PLC With Programmable Parameters

The PLC comrol with CLOSED-LOOP system provides accurate working of programmed parameters to ensure mnsion variation in packages. Following parameters can be programmed. + Yarn: Denis, Weight,Speed + Traverse: Length, Bi-Conical angle, Coil Angle, Strokes

Belt Pressure Pulley

A dedicated belt pressure pulley between every two spindles ensures zero-slippage free operations.- (keep it either slippage-free or only zero-slippage operations.)

Precision Dial Tensioner

High precision dial tensioner with super finishing ceramics ensure that even tension is applied to ensure optimum package quality.

Individual Spindle Brake

Individual brakes at each spindle ensure fastest doffing time with maximum operator productivity while ensuring lowest maintenance costs.

Length Counter (Optional)

Individual Length counters with cutters for each position can be installed to ensure even length packages on all positions. This reduces wastage & ensure higher productivity due to lot-doffing in downstream processes.
Coning Machine or Winder Machine used in preparation of small COPS! Pirns / Bobbins for further processing on TFO Twister machines or Covering Machines.
  • Drive Syste: Fully Programmable Speed, Shape, Traverse Ratio, Winding 600, Length, Weight by PLC with Touch Screen HMI
  • Denier Range: Up to 150G denier Filament Yarns (Single-Ply)
  • TakeUp: 240-420mm COPS! Bobbins with max. 3.0 Kgs weight
  • Speeds: Max. 800 mtrs/rnin (Mechanical)
  • Fully Programmable SERVO Traverse.
  • Heavy Duty UR Traverse with Dual Support for long maintenance-free life.
  • Closed loop PLC with wide range of programmable parameters.
  • Individual Spindle Brakes to ensure highest operator efficiency.
  • Individual Belt Pressure Pulleys to ensure minimum weight variations.
  • Individual Length Counter per spindle to ensure equal length packages.
  • Precision Dial Tensioner to ensure consistem yarn mnsion throughout the package.
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