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For 2-PLY / 3-PLY Twisted Filament Threads

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Threads Twister for 2-PLY/ 3-PLY

The most cost-effective method of producing 2-ply / 3-ply Twisted Filament threads for use in Embroidery and Sewing, as well as bigger setups for Carpet Yarns, Tire Cords, Fish Nets, and other heavy-duty industrial technical applications.

TFO Twister is Ideal For

  • Filament 2 ply / 3 ply Yarn Production at a Low Cost
  • Suitable for polyester, nylon, Polypropylene and viscose yarns.
  • Soft-Package on Perforated Tube or Dye-Spring
  • Knotless Package Of up to 2,5kgs Of 1800 denier


  • High sensitive sensors and quick response cutters are equipped at each primary spindle to ensure that there is no yarn wastage in case of yarn breakages of either ply.
  • Overfeed system in primary and secondary twist provides uniform ply tension in take up for precise final package.
  • The yarn path covered by high quality ceramics ensures delicate handling of yarn for optimum quality.
  • For precise package built, heavy and sturdy cradle system with auto Pressure Adjustment system for secondary take up ensures to minimise vibrations and provides final package with optimum quality.
  • Low Twist fluctuations from spindle to spindle are ensured by high precision spindles, resulting in consistent and reliable output quality.
  • Complete oil bath gearbox ensures the smooth formation of packages at high yarn speed with low maintenance costs.

De-Tensioner (Optional)

A bearing De-Tensioner installed before overfeed allows yarn winding tension to be adjusted based on package density requirements. It regulates the contact area of the yarn with overfeeding, allowing for better control of yarn tensions and the tenacity and quality of the yarn.

Oil Bath Gearbox

Heavy-Duty closed continuous oil-circulation with a strong design supports high traverse CPM strokes for high-speed operations or ready-to-dye soft packages. Twists and TPM can be easily adjusted on the same gearbox in a matter Of minutes With minimal effort. Long-term performance is ensured by proven metallurgy.

Energy-Efficient Spindles

The spindle's energy-saving design reduces power consumption and noise while maintaining high output. PRIMARY: Feeds ranging from 0.6 to 1.2 Kg knotless for each ply are available. SECONDARY: Take-up from 1.2-2.5 Kgs knotless for final package can be provided in a variety Of sizes.

Yarn Sensor & Cutter

Optical Sensor with high sensitivity changeovers from light to darker colours are seamless thanks to the sensor. TO reduce yarn waste, the quick-response cutter reacts instantly to cut the yarn if any ply absence is detected. Within minutes, the arrangement can be changed from 2-ply to 3-ply.

Direct Soft Package (optional)

A special Gearbox option enables Bi-Conical winding with Edge-Breaking and Individual Taper mechanism to ensure optimal Soft-Package built for direct Heat Setting & Dyeing of Filament Yarns.