Assembly Winder

PLC and Touchscreen HMI
PLC enables cost-effective operation, allowing separate control of parameters for each side, enabling simultaneous processing of diverse yarns with tailored settings
High Sensitive Yarn Sensor and Quick Responsive Cutter
High-sensitivity yarn sensors detect breakage; quick cutter responds to prevent single-yarn winding in case of ply failure
Double Disc Tensioner
Precision double-disc tensioner with ceramic super-finishing ensures uniform tension across all plies in the package
Visual Doff Indication and Yarn Break Indication
Red lamp signals doff completion; blinking alerts yarn break, notifying operator from a distance
Precision Layering for Superior Winding Excellence
Experience top-tier winding precision with our advanced Assembly Winder. Featuring an Anti-Patterning system, it creates layered, evenly dense packages for soft or hard materials, perfect for subsequent twisting processes. The machine ensures consistent yarn speed and tension, guaranteeing high-quality winding.

Our Work Process

Step 01

Design Mapping

Tailored Design Mapping to Meet Client Requirements

Step 02


Swift Production, Distinct Outcomes.

Step 03

Quality Control

Rigorous quality control ensures that every product undergoes thorough inspection

Step 04


Where Punctuality Meets Your Expectations.

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