Precision Cheese Winder

PLC and Touchscreen HMI
PLC-controlled yarn sides enable cost-effective operation for small lots, allowing simultaneous processing of diverse yarn types with tailored parameters
Individual Traverse Cam System
High-speed Traverse Cam enables precise taper package formation, connected to cradle for accuracy. Choose Gate or Dial Tensioner for precision
Precision Gate Type or Dial Tensioner
Precision gate or dial tensioner with super-finished ceramics ensures uniform tension for optimal package quality
Motorised Oil Rollers with Centralized Oil Pump
Constant-speed motorized oil rollers, PLC-controlled with adjustable parameters, ensure uniform oil distribution. Centralized pump ensures yam oil circulation in all sections
Elevating Winding Excellence for Seamless Function
Experience top-tier winding quality with our advanced Precision Cheese Winder. Featuring an Anti-Patterning and Edge-Breaking system, it creates layered, evenly dense soft packages for seamless dyeing. The machine ensures consistent yarn speed and tension, guaranteeing high-quality winding for effortless dyeing and unwinding processes.

Our Work Process

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Quality Control

Rigorous quality control ensures that every product undergoes thorough inspection

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