Servo Cops Winder

Belt Pressure Pulley
A dedicated belt pressure pulley between every two spindles ensures zero-slippage free operations.
Precision Dial Tensioner
High precision dial tensioner with super finishing ceramics ensure that even tension is applied to ensure optimum package quality.
Individual Spindle Brake
Individual brakes at each spindle ensure fastest doffing time with maximum operator productivity while ensuring lowest maintenance costs.
Length Counter
Individual length counters with cutters for each position can be installed to ensure even length packages on all positions.
Exceptional Winding Precision
Experience unparalleled winding quality with our highly sophisticated Servo Controlled COPS Winder. Driven by a cutting-edge servomotor-powered PLC system, this machine ensures uniform yarn speed and consistent tension for impeccable winding quality.

Our Work Process

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Design Mapping

Tailored Design Mapping to Meet Client Requirements

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Swift Production, Distinct Outcomes.

Step 03

Quality Control

Rigorous quality control ensures that every product undergoes thorough inspection

Step 04


Where Punctuality Meets Your Expectations.

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