Spun Twister

Suitable for
Cotton, Wool, Viscose, Acrylic, Blended Yarns like PV, PC, etc
Count Ranges
Suitable for variable Count ranges from Ne 2/2 to 2/140
TPI Range
TPI range from 3 to 50 TPI
Final Package
Final Package of up to 3 kgs
Precision and Performance in Motion
Our spun TFO twister stands out as the ultimate solution for diverse spun yarns. Boasting features like an energy-efficient spindle design and tangential belt drive, it's designed to elevate both efficiency and productivity

Our Work Process

Step 01

Design Mapping

Tailored Design Mapping to Meet Client Requirements

Step 02


Swift Production, Distinct Outcomes.

Step 03

Quality Control

Rigorous quality control ensures that every product undergoes thorough inspection

Step 04


Where Punctuality Meets Your Expectations.

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